Melton Driver Home Time Policy

Melton Truck Lines Driver Requirements

Melton has listened to our drivers and recently changed our home time policy to help ensure you get by the house for those important family functions and appointments. The basics of our home time policy are as follows:

  • Drivers that live in the dark green zone are out 12-14 days at a time. Drivers that live in the light green zone are out about 21 days at a time.
  • You collect one 24-hour period (day) for every 7 days you are out.
  • Your home time never expires! Bank your home time if you do not want to use it as you collect it.
  • You can stop by the house without using any of your home time if you’re within 75 miles and can deliver your load on time.
  • Twice a year you are guaranteed a day at home. That means our team will do whatever is necessary to make sure you get home on the exact day you request. Otherwise, we work hard to get you home when you want, but it could be up to two days before or after your request.
  • You are guaranteed home on Christmas Day!

In addition, Melton now offers unlimited domicile changes for our drivers!! *Some restrictions do apply. We understand that our drivers have family and friends that live within some of our frequent travels lanes and that on occasion it would be nice to go to their place for home time.

Here are the guidelines for changing domiciles along with a few restrictions:

  • Normal home time flags apply. Anything east of I-35 requires you to be out for 7 days before you can flag.
  • All states east of I-35 are approved areas to change your home domicile for home time except for the following states: Florida, New England states (including New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine) along with any state west of I-35.
  • Guaranteed Home Days are only good for your main home domicile on record.
  • No domicile changes in the month of November and December.
  • Christmas home time is at your main home domicile on record.